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KUUTS Cigar Review by Rictus Reviews 

I’m going to start this review off by setting the scene as to why the circumstances were odd. I was outside grilling dinner for the family on my new grill, not odd. It was a chilly April evening at about 45 degrees, also not odd (for Maine). It was windy as all hell, still not odd. I had apparently traded my normal common sense and functional hands for the logic and reflexes of a sleeping sloth, definitely odd. I admired the smooth texture of the cigar as well as the coffee light wrapper. Nice tight construction with a clean draw. Given the irritating wind I was thrilled just to get it lit and really see how that draw played out! Considering the almost sweet woody smell from the cigar pre-light I wasn’t looking for anything heavy. Definitely a creamy, almost nutty flavor right off. A little sweet and just a tiny bit of pepper.

Right about now my logic took a head long leap out my ear and onto the pavement… Coincidently my cigar did almost the same thing, only off the side shelf of my grill. As soon as I heard it hit the ground I knew what happened. Clearly my ninja like reflexes were splattered beside my logic on the ground along with any chance of saving the impending damage to my cigar.
There were FOUR clear fractures to the wrapper. Not what I wanted to see! I may have been able to work through one or two, but this was ridiculous! My stubborn nature must have been holding on tightly as the other mental faculties went cliff diving because there was no chance in hell I wasn’t smoking this cigar!
Aside from the now incredibly loose draw from the slightly modified wrapper not much had changed. The burn line got a little wonky as I grilled but overall that’s most likely from the wrapper and aforementioned dive. The flavor stayed nice and smooth, with a build up of the pepper as I smoked. More like you would expect from a Nica. A mild to medium profile at best, a nice smoke that I would happily make a permanent resident of my humidor at home.
In all seriousness, this was a very good cigar with a consistent mild body. With the pepper, cinnamon, and woody notes it was never a waste of effort. It’s not an overly complex cigar by any means, but what it does have for flavor it does exceptionally well. As a daily smoke or even a morning smoke with your cup of joe, it excels! Aside from the swan dive damage the construction was great. I would really like to revisit this stick sometime, inside, away from the damn wind!
If you get the chance to try these out I would definitely suggest you pick up a stick. Hell, grab one of each blend from Kuuts and tell me what you think!
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For Immediate Release
August 18, 2009

Portland, Maine – Cigar aficionados and novices alike are invited to explore and enjoy the world of cigars along the scenic Old Port waterfront during “Seagars by the Sea”, to be held Sunday, September 27 from 2-6 p.m. Seagars by the Sea is the inaugural Maine fundraiser for Homes for our Troops, a national non-profit organization created to raise funds for the construction and adaptation of homes for severely disabled war veterans.

The September 27 event will take place under a festive tent at the water’s edge, on Long Wharf in front of DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant (25 Long Wharf, Portland, ME). Tickets are $50, and entitle guests to cigars from eight Maine cigar retailers (estimated value of $50-$100). Guests will learn about cigars from participating cigar retailers, meet Miss Maine and additional Miss Maine pageant contestants, and enjoy spirits from the event’s on-site cash bar.

The fundraiser comes at a time when Homes for our Troops is in great need of national support. “Many of us here in Maine feel strongly about doing something active to support our troops,” noted Jacques DeVilliers, owner of Portland’s Old Port Wine Merchants. “If we can donate some fine cigars to help raise funds and awareness of this important issue – and get people out for a fun day in the process – then we’ve at least helped in some modest way.”

One hundred percent of the proceeds generated by Seagars By The Sea will go to Homes for our Troops. Event organizers hope to raise $10,000. Tickets can be purchased by calling (207) 772-9463, or at participating retail locations, including Old Port Wine Merchants (Portland), Freeport Trading (Freeport), DAD’s Cigar Parlor (Biddeford), Cigar and Smoke Shoppe (Bangor), and Calabash (South Portland).

For more information about the September 27 event, visit . See for additional information about Homes for our Troops.

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Smoke a cigar with Luis Tiante

Luis Tiant Special Event 2009

“The El Tiante Cigar is a good, mild cigar. I know cigars and I know people will love this cigar. That’s why my name is on it” – Luis Tiant

Smoke a cigar with Luis Tiante

Thursday, August 20, 2009
From 4:00pm – 8:00pm

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on cigars

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the event

Luis Tiant & Dan Ducharme, DAD's Smoke Shop, Biddeford, Maine

Luis Tiant & Dan Ducharme, DAD’s Smoke Shop, Biddeford, Maine

Luis Tiant & Cigar Enthuiast, DAD's Smoke Shop, Biddeford, Maine

Luis Tiant & Cigar Enthuiast, DAD’s Smoke Shop, Biddeford, Maine

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